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Changes in the works for my Mind & Body…


Oh blogging world, I really do miss/have missed you.

See, a sixteen month old little person leaves me no free time at all, but sometimes I realize just writing my own words down is quite important for me mentally.

So, anyone who still follows me should know that YES, I am still sober. It will be three and a half years in December. I am kind of just used to it now. It’s life. Occasionally I really think about how a glass of wine would be nice, but I’ve accepted that now it’s just a though. It’s just like many of the other mundane, weird thoughts I experience in a day. I feel like this blog kind of has me pigeonholed into writing about ONE thing and that’s honestly why I don’t come back sometimes. I am much more than my sobriety now, even though I didn’t feel like it when I started. Do people just have blogs to write these days? I feel like everything is always narrowed down to a category, and I never fit it. Story of my life, really.

I feel like now, I need to horn in on positive feelings, eating clean and healthy, and exercising. I am turning into a lump, or at least it feels like it. I miss the days I read poetry, felt inspired, and wrote all my own stuff as well. Technology has kind of stolen the creativity right from me. I want it back. I used to take photographs, read books, and just do a lot of stuff that I don’t now…

Back in May I started a Whole100. If you are familiar with the Whole30, it’s the same thing, just extended out for 100 days. I started it to try to relive issues with my Hashimoto’s and Underactive thyroid. It was a really great thing for me to do. I lost 7 lbs, my face cleared up, I lost a pants size, and all I had to do was eat healthy. By that I mean no junk at all. I rarely had fruit, no crappy oils, no preservatives.. just good healthy food. About 40 days after it ended, my family went to Walt Disney World for vacation, and everything pretty much came undone. Back to eating crappy food, I am feeling down on myself. The better I eat, the better I feel about myself. It really does make a difference. So, I’m going to come here and talk about whatever I want, but mostly how I’m doing day to day with my life, positivity, creativity, and working towards a better me!

Hope you all stick around.