Monthly Archives: July 2013

Catching up


Hello friends,
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I apologize! I am not a very good blogger. Seriously.

First and foremost, I’m almost 14 months sober. Honestly, it’s crazy to me. I would have never thought I would have made it this far, and even more amazing, is that I actually LIKE being sober. My drinking life seems so damn far away that I can’t even remember what it’s like anymore, which is a good thing. I do fine most of the time, and some days I still wonder how the hell I’m going to do this for the rest of my life, and question if I really want to GO the rest of my life. I know I do, but we all get a little weak around the edges sometimes, we just can’t allow ourselves to cave. Two weekends ago, my fiancé and I took a trip to the beach for the weekend. It was the first trip I’ve taken to Ocean City since I’d been sober, and I loved it. We laid on the beach all day, went swimming, walked the boardwalk, ate ice cream, and just enjoyed ourselves. I didn’t need to drink and I didn’t feel jealous of the folks that were. Anymore, drinking to me just seems like a cover-up for people who don’t really know how to have fun. I am just fine without alcohol.

In other news, I’m getting married in 46 days. I’m so lucky that there isn’t a ton of stress surrounding this. We are having such a small wedding that there really isn’t much to worry about. Hell, we didn’t even send out RSVP’s with our invitations. Come if you want, or don’t, we aren’t going to obsess over it. It’s a Friday afternoon in a park with no toasts, or dancing, or crazy stuff that most people do. We just aren’t those kind of people. I didn’t even have a bridal shower, or bachelorette party. I just don’t care about that kind of stuff. I care about marrying him, with my closest friends and family there. That’s all!

I’m also in the midst of Marathon training. I am the moron who decided that “training during the summer would be better than training in the winter!” and I really did have good reasons for it (more light, warmer temps, longer days) but DAMN!!! This weather has been INSANE. We just got over a streak of 7+ days that were over 90 degrees with most days OVER 50% humidity. This is really crappy weather for running 4 days a week. Not to mention that I went into marathon training with almost ZERO base because I didn’t run for 5 months when I was working a second job. Surprisingly though, I’ve been doing well with ramping up my miles. I’ve gotten up to 10 mile long runs just fine. However, right now I’m sick. I ran last Thursday and when I got home I felt like I was coming down with something, and I’m pretty sure it’s a chest cold or bronchitis. I’ve already missed 11 miles last week, and know I won’t be running tonight. *sigh* why does this always happen? Anyway, I’m going to walk 3 miles on the treadmill tonight just to get my legs moving and try to run on Wednesday. Also, somewhere in the next 10 days (sickness permitting) I’m going to try to replace those 11 miles. This is my first Marathon and I want to make sure I don’t’ miss a MILE of training. Things are getting pretty hairy around my wedding (like the 18 miler I was supposed to run the day before my wedding.. I HAD to move that) and I have lots of running to do on my honeymoon.. joy! But, a little over a month after I become a Mrs, I will be crossing the finish line of my very first marathon in Baltimore, MD! When I think about it, I get major stomach butterflies! I am so excited for this!!!